Teacup and tea shop

Welcome to the store where you can pick up your tea pair, which will be constantly around during intimate conversations over tea with friends and acquaintances.

Even in our highly technical time, the presented products have preserved their own traditional appeal. Many people prefer to buy a tea pair today, but they are created by genuine craftsmen and carry the colorfulness and symbolic value of past times.

For a long time, such an element of the kitchen interior has been considered a rather expensive gift at a price. The tea pair symbolizes a respectful and supportive attitude towards the person for whom such a gift is prepared.

No connoisseur of traditions will refuse to buy a beautiful tea pair, it will become a beautiful decoration for any dinner party for relatives and friends or an evening for lovers. Large tea mugs are great for noisy friendly feasts and heated debates. In addition, a tea pair is a great gift for a wedding: symbolic and romantic.

Tea mugs with an elegant look will always be in fashion. Often they become a family heirloom and are inherited!


A cup, mug or tea pair – at first glance, these are the most common items. They don’t know how to talk, love, make friends… They don’t get sick, they don’t need to be specially visited – they are needed only when we want to drink tea or coffee. Ordinary objects from a person’s everyday life, right?.. And that’s not quite right! After all, a cup or mug can be so comfortable, so pleasing to the eye and soul of its owner, and giving him amazing moments of pleasure! Such a cup turns from an ordinary one into a favorite, which they cherish and do not want to share with anyone. Each such cup has some kind of story about its owner or hostess, which she will silently keep and tell only to a very observant guest.

Do you have such a favorite tea pair or cup? If there is, then you will surely agree that it is in it that tea turns out to be more fragrant, tastier and even more curative. Nothing calms, relaxes and gives peace like a favorite cup of fragrant and delicious tea! And it is not dear to you because a certain, perhaps considerable, sum was paid for it. She is simply priceless to you for the feelings and memories that are associated with her. Surely those of you who have a favorite cup will be able to easily recall some important and trembling moment now: someone will remember how he chose his beautiful cup, for someone this amazing tea pair was the most pleasant gift from a loved one, and someone has the most pleasant minutes of communication with friends took place precisely over a favorite cup of tea. How much pleasant and warm it was, right?

We collect and pack sets with various varieties of tea. It can be an interesting selection for tea gourmets or a gift for loved ones. Is a book the best gift? Try to surprise with tea, it’s versatile and cool. In each set we put a brief instruction on how to brew tea. So that you don’t get confused.
Packing. Do you want to try a few varieties first to decide what you like? We will weigh 5-10 grams of any kind. We also have tea in pyramids: it is convenient to take with you.
Gift certificates. We sell soulful gift sets decorated by a tea artist. There are cool sets with 5-15 tea samples – an ideal gift for a person who only delves into culture and understands varieties.
Delivery. We will send it by mail to Belarus and the world, the courier will bring the order to Minsk on the day of the order or the next day – delivery is free.